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Title : Super Mario 3D Land Playthrough Part 1
Description : Well, now that I have that board, I can finally record 3DS and DS games! Let's start out with a simple game. This Playthrough will show the game 100% with all Star Medals, every stage cleared as Mario, every stage cleared as Luigi, all of the Special Worlds, and landing on the top of every Flagpole for the last level of the game. I am probably going to do the repeats off-screen, though. Specifically every normal World as Luigi and every Special World as Mario. I will show the final battle as Luigi, though.

In this part, we complete World 1 without taking a single hit at all.

These are the stages shown in this part:

World 1-1: This is a nice and simple beginner level. It lets you roam around with the Tanooki Suit, along with having many hidden goodies, such as 1-Up Mushrooms.

Star Medal #1: This Medal is located on a tightrope near the beginning of the stage.

Star Medal #2: Near the Checkpoint Flag is a tree you can climb up. Climb up the tree to find three Jump Blocks. Use them to reach the Warp Pipe, then collect the second Star Medal.

Star Medal #3: Near the Grand Goomba are a few blocks you can climb up. Climb up them, then use the tightrope to jump up and grab the last Star Medal.

World 1-2: This is the game's first underground stage, and it is also the first stage to have a Warp Pipe leading to another World and the Fire Flower.

Star Medal #1: Stand on the rotating platform, and let it move you into the first Star Medal.

Star Medal #2: Jump on the yellow moving platforms, then jump up to grab the Star Medal.

Star Medal #3: Near the Warp Pipe that takes you to the end of the stage, go up and to the left, killing the Inky Piranha Plants in the way, then grab the Medal.

World 1-3: This short and easy stage takes place in the sky and introduces Biddybuds. This also introduces the binoculars, which can be used to find Toads, which sometimes give you items, and the Flagpole.

Star Medal #1: Use the Binoculars to find the Toad ahead. He'll toss the Star Medal into the stage, which you must use the Jump Block to grab.

Star Medal #2: Use the Rainbow Jump Block to bounce up into the clouds. Grab the Super Star and run into the Biddybuds in the way, then jump into the Star Medal at the end.

Star Medal #3: Carefully land on the moving cloud that this Star Medal is above, then grab it.

World 1-4: This stage introduces platforms that are attached to rails, which you must stand on to move. This gimmick is pretty annoying, but it's not that hard to deal with in this stage.

Star Medal #1: Use the first geyser you see to fly up to the top rail for the Medal.

Star Medal #2: You will see this Medal while progressing. When you go down with the platform, move to the left by the Paragoomba to grab the Star Medal, but don't go too far to the left.

Star Medal #3: Near the end of the stage, there are two geysers. The earlier one will launch you up to a rail with the last Medal.

World 1-Castle: This short stage brings back False Bowser, which hasn't been in a Mario game for years. Other new enemies are here as well.

Star Medal #1: Simply jump across the lava to grab this Medal, but watch out for the Podoboo.

Star Medal #2: After the Checkpoint Flag, jump over the Firebar and grab the second Medal.

Star Medal #3: Use the Brick Blocks by the first Thwomp you see to jump on top of it, then jump on the other Thwomp and grab the Star Medal. You can also Wall Jump to the Medal.
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